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Italian comedy of the 16th to 18th centuries improvised from standardized situations and stock characters

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In the 18th century, when comedy began to be censured for its 'debauchery,' there was a growing expectation for commedia dell'arte characters to become more coquettish and discreet, disguising hidden meanings through gesture.
5) Canio, the head of a traveling commedia dell'arte troupe, is married to Nedda, who is in love with the local Silvio.
With this volume, Erith Jaffe-Berg brings to a wide audience the Mediterranean perspective of Italian Commedia dell'Arte and its civic context.
Improvisation in La entretenida: Tracing the Influence of Plautus and the Commedia dell'arte on Cervantes
The work will be the culmination of months of research into the tales, costumes, and characters of the Commedia dell'Arte," Blazwick says.
3) In fact, theater historians believe the legacy of commedia (the term I will henceforth use to refer to the commedia dell'arte all'improvvisa) was the first truly professional theater company; more notable is the fact that it was also the first tradition in Europe in which women played the roles of female characters on stage.
Commedia dell'arte gave rise to the harlequinade, who, though we usually instantly recognise as being a theatrical invention and which used to be an essential character in pantomime, has sadly declined and is now rarely seen.
Here Katritzky's study makes a valuable contribution to the growing scholarship on 'quack performance' as she provides a detailed analysis of the performances of commedia dell'arte and clarifies the connections between quack medical practice and performance.
The theatrical art form we know today, complete with slapstick comedy, topical gags and plenty of songs, has its roots in the Mummers plays of the Middle Ages and the 16th and 17th century rise of masques and commedia dell'arte.
could benefit from a little less attention to Walter Benjamin and a little more to indigenous popular traditions of satire (for Pirandello, commedia dell'arte, puppet theatre, and Pulcinella).
Come se la straordinaria memoria storica dell'attore della commedia dell'arte costituisse il patrimonio teatrale piu sicuro al quale attingere in funzione di risalto comico e antiriformistico.
Acteur, auteur, metteur en scene, professeur de la Commedia dell'Arte et des disciplines comiques, Antonio Fava dirige l'ecole internationale de l'acteur comique a Reggio Emilia.
presented by the Wichita State University School of Performing Arts, was a modernized version of a style of participatory theater called Commedia dell'Arte.
Set in Brighton in 1963, One Man, Two Guvnors is actually a modern version of an 18th-century (post) Commedia dell'Arte play, Goldoni's A Servant to Two Masters.