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The serjeant then acquainted his lieutenant, who was the commanding officer, that they had picked up two fellows in that day's march, one of which, he said, was as fine a man as ever he saw (meaning the tippler), for that he was near six feet, well proportioned, and strongly limbed; and the other (meaning Jones) would do well enough for the rear rank.
But there will be no change in commanding officers, in routine or in discipline, until after we have docked again in New York.
Your story will be tested," said the commanding officer, when Connal had been marched to the guard-tent.
The commanding officer inclined a grizzled head perceptibly, and no more.
Did you never hear of his father, Major Kirke, commanding officer of the regiment in Canada?
A man who joined his regiment at twenty and within a week challenged the most imperious and presumptuous coxcomb of a commanding officer that ever drew the breath of life through a tight waist--and got broke for it--is not the man to be walked over by all the Sir Lucifers, dead or alive, locked or unlocked.
Peter's, once, to hear mass, and their commanding officer came afterward, and not finding them, supposed they had not yet arrived.
You were to abolish military force, but you were first to bring all commanding officers who had done their duty, to trial by court-martial for that offence, and shoot them.
At the change of command ceremony Vice Admiral Hussaini was presented guard of honour and introduced to Commanding Officers of the units and the command.
Major Cynthia Foster, Westside Commanding Officer @ 412-412-921-9780
Bringing down the age of commanding officers and brigadiers was recommended by the Kargil Review Committee as it was felt that same ranked officers in Pakistan and China then were at least five year younger.
Students were excited to receive a guided tour of the ships by the respective commanding officers on duty.
Captain Light academically analyzed that material and concluded that the Navy had to accomplish three tasks to elevate the quality of the commanding officer corps and the character of naval leadership.
Joseph Campbell (Right), commanding officer of PHIBCB TWO, during the grand opening of the commands barbershop.
Gordon as commanding officer of the VMFA(AW) Bats at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, 23 May.
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