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the position or office of commander

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Coun Simon Geraghty (Con St Clements), the council's cabinet member for corporate services, denied the artefacts would be lost and said some would be put on display at the Commandery.
A spokeswoman for The Commandery said: "This museum is not your bog standard attraction with artefacts sealed behind glass chambers in dusty old rooms.
A tour of Fort Royal Park, adjoining the Commandery, is also included in the festival.
These examples clearly refer to the state of Shu Han, but use terminology drawn from the former Han administrative unit of Shu commandery where the Lius' capital was situated.
The full dramatic history of the Commandery will soon come to life in an innovative, exciting and accessible way that will educate and entertain.
He was chosen in the commandery to be recommended to Chen Fan, who interviewed him.
In the grounds of the Commandery, the battalia will recreate the 1651 skirmish on the adjacent Fort Royal.
142), who had lived with his brothers in harmony for several decades, won his first appointment to a very minor commandery post when he was over forty, possibly because his family was relatively poor.
Their roots were as a landed and multi-branched Ying-ch'uan // family connected to other families of that commandery, which encompassed Lo-yang and the area to its south and east (partially present-day Honan).
Contract notice: pra - area improvements (2018) highway a16 lot # 07 work on rest areas of commandery wood - commandery background-east widehem cliffs - widehem west cliffs
Also to be performed at the concert will be works by composers who have drawn inspiration from antiquity, such as the Italian composer Ottorino Respighi, but also a work by Anastasia Guy -- the composer's mother -- which was influenced by the story of the Administrative Unit of the Great Commandery of Cyprus and of the famed wine of the same name -- Commandaria.
WHERE: School Road, Hanbury, Droitwich, Worcestershire, WR9 7EA THE COMMANDERY WHAT: Explore Worcester's civil war story at The Commandery tomorrow.
In the fine Commandery grounds, rain did not stop play and this time-honoured farce was delivered beautifully under Chris Jaegar's experienced direction on a simple scaffolded set.
Civil War fans can also visit the Commandery museum housed in a fine Grade I listed building.
Han and Xiongnu armies met in the battle at Pingcheng [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Taiyuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] commandery (near modern-day Datong in Shanxi province), which proved disastrous for the Han.
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