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the position or office of commander

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From this we can deduce that the delegation departed from the port of either Xuwen or Hepu, both located in the Hepu commandery, and travelled in the general direction of the Gulf of Tonkin and the Bay of Bengal until it arrived in India (Figure 2).
Commandery manager Amanda Lunt said: 'The burials appear to date from the late medieval period when the building was in use as a monastic hospital.
During the Yongchu period (107-14), the Qiang of Guanghan and Hanzhong commanderies rebelled, their tyranny teaching Ba commandery.
Worcester City Council hopes to secure lottery funding for major improvements to the Commandery Museum (left) and The Guildhall
It's easy to forget the attractions right on your doorstep and during our stay, we had the choice of visiting the Wyre Forest and Malvern Hills for walks, the Commandery at Worcester, Tewkesbury Abbey and Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury, to do the history bit.
The Prince and the Duchess are also set to visit The Commandery, in Worcester, where he will hear a performance from a choir ahead of the annual Worcester Three Choirs Festival.
2398) statement that Yuan died in the commandery of Dongyang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "at the beginning of the Taiyuan era (376-96)," literally [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], at the age of 49 sui [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Zhu Jian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1769-1850) notes that Ding Mountain was forty li southeast of Qiantang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] county (modern Hang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] county), in Guiji [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] commandery.
The location is Sidbury and Wyld's Lane, at the historic core of ``The Faithful City'', just across from the Commandery, Royalist headquarters in the Civil War, and close neighbour to Fort Royal Park, a landmark viewpoint.
01543412121; As You Like It: Commandery, Worcester.
Washington Royal Arch Masons Chapter #9, Richmond Commandery #2 Knights Templar, Richmond Scottish Rites Bodies, Acca Temple Legion of Honor, Battlefield Forest #170 Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America, Doric Lodge A.
in Nanyang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] commandery.
He added that he believed the man was buried on land that, at the time, was attached to nearby St Gudwal's Chapel which was used throughout the life of the Worcester Commandery.
OUTDOOR SHOWS As You Like It: Commandery, Worcester.
Services at the funeral home under auspices of the Detroit Commandery No.
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