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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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STN on the Web uses command language searching that requires prior knowledge of the system, although various kinds of help, for the novice searcher or experienced searchers familiar with systems other than STN, are available through hypertext links.
I use the PC to specify the changes, and the software translates my instructions into the PBX's command language and passes them to the switch for execution.
Using the VIA platform, STMicroelectronics R&D verification engineers created a Tool Command Language (TCL) script that eliminates many of the time-consuming, manual steps of locating logic violations, selecting the scope for display in the Verdi debug environment, adding the corresponding signals in the waveform viewer, and then tracing to the right time in the cycle.
The responsibility for developing a linguist lies with an engaged commander, a functioning Command Language Program (CLP), the mentorship and guidance of an NCO, and the individual Soldier.
A platform-independent intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) is used to control the device from a PC, while an API library and powerful SCPI command language set is also available for custom test applications.
It is also an open environment based on standards such as the AMBA4 AXI4 interconnect specification, IP-XACT IP packaging metadata, the Tool Command Language (Tcl) and Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC) that facilitate design flows tailored to the user's needs.
For example, a teacher could quickly build a user interface to a capability in Maple that helps students explore a topic, without the students ever having to know the Maple command language.
The assistants are right on the entry sire and searchers can utilize them without knowing the STN command language.
Natural Language Technology -- L&H's Voice Xpress line of products use NLT to offer a flexible, easy-to-use command language for editing and formatting documents, and controlling basic functions of Windows applications.
Another new feature is the Gridgen Command Language (GCL), a textbased interface for the program's commands.
SVL is both a compiled and interactive language, allowing it to serve as a command language and as a way to develop complex scientific applications.
In addition, the command language presented a very low and error-prone level of abstraction.
Parlane, the natural language database interface system produced by BBN Laboratories (BBN), translates natural language input into structured query language (SQL), the standard command language used with many database management systems, and the SQL commands are then applied to the underlying database.
EasyNet may be searched either through a system of menus or through its command language, which EasyNet refers to as CCL, for Common Command Language.
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