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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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I key in yacht, press the "say" command key, and promptly hear the word pronounced clearly and see on the LCD panel a written guide detailing y as in you, a as in father, and cht as the t in test.
The pop-up menu may change if you hold down the shift or command key.
All of the Macintosh command key conventions (cut, copy, paste, etc.
While command key combinations can take the place of a mouse, users will find the mouse faster and easier for most commands.
Windows users should substitute the Control key for the Mac's Command key in each shortcut.
The trend is a shift from information in permanent formats to information conveyed in formats so transitory that it can disappear at the touch of a command key.
Me following stack script shows how a sample menu with menu items and command key equivalents can be created when a stack is Opened: on openstack stop the user from seeing the Changes lock screen thiS line creates the menu create menu 'I Love LUCY' Now put the items into the menu.
If the Command key is held down while clicking and holding the mouse on the title bar of any script editing window in SuperEdit, a pop-up menu will appear listing the names of all the handlers and functions in that script.
The Spiral tool seems natural for a snail shell because spokes are produced if the Command key is pressed.
The IDT 75K62134 enables Avici to do multiple searches with one command key, thereby simplifying system overhead and maximizing efficiency.
There will still be sustainable business models for a host of smaller companies who can identify and command key niche opportunities.
More on-screen controls and Command Key equivalents give users options for controlling the application.
The time taken for a complete transaction was measured, from executing a command key on the 3270 to receiving a new screen of data.
Blue-Bots are bluetooth-connected robots that are easy for children to control by using the command keys located on the Blue-Bot shell.
The handset will see a return of the command keys that include "Menu", "Back", "Send" and "End" buttons, along with a trackpad.
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