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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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And when they see those issues in a comic strip, they aren't insulted or traumatized.
So your little motor scooter is not a full animated film but it is not a comic strip either.
Doonesbury" is a paradox-politico-cultural satire that rans alongside "Marmaduke" and "Cathy" in hundreds of American newspapers (and on editorial or feature pages in others); a comic strip as comfortable with wars and financial crises as with domestic humor.
Each comic strip for each day sampled was examined from health-related topics that were condified and recorded by category and by daily comic strip name and type.
Free To Download; Multiple Subscription Options Available That Deliver Popular Comic Strips, Panels and Editorial Cartoons to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Users Daily
And as fans of the the comic strip know, Nancy resides in the fictional town of Three Rocks with her Aunt Fritzi and friend, Sluggo.
The "Francis" comic strip posted March 31 on GoComics generated several comments from users by midmorning, including: "LOVED IT
Next half term's project is to take their comic strip one step further to create a Wallace and Gromitstyle animation.
The latter four are the central characters of "Pearls Before Swine," a 3-year-old comic strip that appears in The Register-Guard and more than 175 other newspapers around the world.
When I began my college comic strip, I had the artistic prowess of a three-year-old, with clumsy dialogue and one-dimensional characters thrown in for good measure.
When Kelly quit animation and turned to newspaper comic-stripping, he was so impressed with the tutoring Thorson had given him that he created a special character in his famous Pogo comic strip.
A reproduction of the newspaper's initial - February 14, 1942 - issue shows him both as the author of the Jive Grey comic strip and the astonishingly powerful illustrator of a serialized publication of Richard Wright's Native Son.
A narrative lay hidden in it - an episode of the comic strip Alley Oop - yet this painting told no story, nor was it attempting to convert fine art to the cult of the popular.
Their continued sucsess is evident as the nation gets ready to celebrate the centennial of the newspaper comic strip in 1995.