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Synonyms for comic

Synonyms for comic

a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

Synonyms for comic

a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts

arousing or provoking laughter

of or relating to or characteristic of comedy

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References in classic literature ?
Well, you don't look for much of a voice in a comic song.
You don't - well, I will just give you an idea of Harris's comic singing, and then you can judge of it for yourself.
He honestly imagines that he has given them a treat, and says he will sing another comic song after supper.
Speaking of comic songs and parties, reminds me of a rather curious incident at which I once assisted; which, as it throws much light upon the inner mental working of human nature in general, ought, I think, to be recorded in these pages.
And then those two young men got up, and asked us if we had ever heard Herr Slossenn Boschen (who had just arrived, and was then down in the supper-room) sing his great German comic song.
He glowered round upon us with a look of such concentrated ferocity that, but for our being forewarned as to the German method of comic singing, we should have been nervous; and he threw such a wailing note of agony into the weird music that, if we had not known it was a funny song, we might have wept.
And we asked the Professor why he didn't translate the song into English, so that the common people could understand it, and hear what a real comic song was like.
It appeared that the song was not a comic song at all.
I've never met with nothing but beer ath'll ever clean a comic blackamoor.
They rushed on to the now curtained stage, breaking rudely past the columbine and clown (who seemed whispering quite contentedly), and Father Brown bent over the prostrate comic policeman.
Pickwick had been in a state of slumber for some time, when he had a faint perception of the drunken man bursting out afresh with the comic song, and receiving from Mr.
Some thought the comic singer decidedly low, and others hoped he would have more to do than he usually had.
There are also several comic festivals that draw large crowds each year: the Comic Exhibition that focuses on Japanese stylings; Fancy Frontier; which brings together doujinshi, original works, and model figures; and Zine Day Festival, which spotlights independently published works.
That KorcekEs mother could even purchase comic books in Mount Prospect in 1954 was amazing u considering that the board of trustees of the village outlawed comic books in 1948.
Aware of that, Ghaibeh said , "Syria went as far as banning all comics other than their own comic, Osama .