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causing discomfort

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without comfort

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The tattered remains of a checked curtain were drawn round the bed's head, to exclude the wind, which, however, made its way into the comfortless room through the numerous chinks in the door, and blew it to and fro every instant.
But why, with bedrooms enough and to spare, should he occupy that cold and comfortless situation at night?
It was, in truth, but a very comfortless open place, through which the daylight shone with natural facility.
From the hour when they crawl from their comfortless bed to the hour when they lounge back into it again they never live one moment of real life.
A tastefully pallid though comfortless set serves for several locations with a different painting on the wall indicating whose pad we're in.
And in the distance we hear a five-finger exercise being played falteringly--a sound that evokes an image of reluctant lessons in cold, comfortless rooms.
I will not leave you comfortless, but I will send my Holy Spirit upon you to lead you.
The moment they are in the closeness of such areas, they would certainly begin really feeling comfortless and their believed phases would have the tendency to get interrupted.
The moment they remain in the proximity of such fields, they would kick off feeling comfortless and their assumed stages would certainly have the tendency to get disrupted.
The moment they remain in the distance of such fields, they would certainly start really feeling comfortless and their believed phases would certainly tend to obtain interfered with.
The floor was neither dry nor neat, the hearth Was comfortless, and her small lot of books, Which, in the Cottage window, heretofore Had been piled up against the corner panes In seemly order, now, with straggling leaves Lay scattered here and there, open or shut, As they had chanced to fall.
The logic of this constellation can be traced through to the late, unfinished, and much-discussed poem, "A Drunkard," in which Bishop identifies thirst and alcoholism with the comfortless presence of her mother.
It may result in moments of comfortless riding in the real application and a filter must be studied to future researches.
38) Examples included no clover, plaster, lime, or compost heaps, bad fences, shabby comfortless dwellings, and rickety barns and stables.
Butts proposes that Haggard's Cleopatra extends the exhumation fantasy by illustrating how "historical visions and hauntings" ("Ghosties" 336) spring from the comfortless grandeur of the North African desert.