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Synonyms for comfortless

causing discomfort

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without comfort

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The tattered remains of a checked curtain were drawn round the bed's head, to exclude the wind, which, however, made its way into the comfortless room through the numerous chinks in the door, and blew it to and fro every instant.
But why, with bedrooms enough and to spare, should he occupy that cold and comfortless situation at night?
Elton's would be depressed when he knew her state; and left her at last tolerably comfortable, in the sweet dependence of his having a most comfortless visit, and of their all missing her very much.
It was, in truth, but a very comfortless open place, through which the daylight shone with natural facility.
From the hour when they crawl from their comfortless bed to the hour when they lounge back into it again they never live one moment of real life.
Consumers in developed countries like North America and Europe prefer increased comfortless and enhanced driving experience and this trend is anticipated to increase the demand for advanced automotive transmission systems.
Jesus told His disciples that He would not leave them 'comfortless,' a term which in the original language literally means 'orphans': see John.
Bower claims ( Charles was later "assigned instead to St James's Palace, a cold, comfortless dwelling" due to Queen's Elizabeth disapproval.
"Lake Success is spiky, timely and true, but also absolutely comfortless....
Summary: The story of a hedge fund manager's journey of self-discovery is timely and true -- and absolutely comfortless
Fox left the Open Door Mission in 2011, Rochester radio host and writer Bob Lonsberry devoted a column to him and his father.<br />"For countless nights over dozens of years, while you and I were obliviously going about our business, they were feeding the broken people who haunt our streets, providing comfort in a comfortless world," Lonsberry wrote.
A tastefully pallid though comfortless set serves for several locations with a different painting on the wall indicating whose pad we're in.
God does not leave us comfortless, so let evening come.
"Even though I have my misgivings about embalming, sometimes embalming provides grieving families a small comfort in a comfortless time.
In the addition at the start of Act 4 the King of Valencia laments "till Mucedorus I shall see again, / All joy is comfortless, all pleasure pain" and he is reassured by Anselmo, "Your son, my lord, is well" (Add.3.16-18; D3v).