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made comfortable or more comfortable in a time of distress

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Mrs Miller expressed great satisfaction in these declarations, in the sincerity of which she averred she had an entire faith; and now the remainder of the conversation past in the joint attempts of that good woman and Mr Nightingale to cheer the dejected spirits of Mr Jones, in which they so far succeeded as to leave him much better comforted and satisfied than they found him; to which happy alteration nothing so much contributed as the kind undertaking of Mrs Miller to deliver his letter to Sophia, which he despaired of finding any means to accomplish; for when Black George produced the last from Sophia, he informed Partridge that she had strictly charged him, on pain of having it communicated to her father, not to bring her any answer.
News from their father comforted the girls very much, for though dangerously ill, the presence of the best and tenderest of nurses had already done him good.
"This money will make a huge difference to patients at the hospice; we know how important it is for patients to feel safe, secure, and comforted at a difficult time in their life."
In view of these relationships and the fact that children and families want to be comforted in stressful health care situations, comfort is an important outcome to measure for pediatric care and research.
(2.) Mansfield Park contains 132 instances of the word "comfort" (including variations such as "comforts," "comforted," and "comfortable"), the most of any of Austen's novels.