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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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According to the Comfort Theory, holistic comfort is the immediate experience of being strengthened through ease, relief, and transcendence (Kolcaba, 2003).
Further studies about patients receiving HD based on Comfort Theory are necessary to determine relevant nursing interventions to significantly impact comfort for this population.
Comfort theory and practice: A vision for holistic health care and research.
The central propositions for Comfort Theory are in Table 1.
Line 2 is the practice level of Comfort Theory applied specifically to pediatric nursing.
Included are summaries of Morse's ethnoscientific analysis of comfort, Benner's novice to expert theory, the Rankin-Box comfort theory, Donahue's review of the fine arts as represented in nursing, Arrington and Walborn's comfort caregiver concept, Andrews and Chrzanowski's work related to childbirth, Hamilton's article on comfort and the hospitalized chronically ill, Gropper's health promotion related to comfort, and Neves-Arruda, Larson, and Meleis's work with Hispanic cancer patients.
Discuss the theoretical framework of Kolcaba's Comfort Theory.