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Natchez Trace Parkway in MS, AL & TN a reduction in seasonal employees will cause closure of 25 comfort stations one day per week, affecting more than 200,000 visitors .
Apart from the obvious scenic beauty, the golf course has all the ingredients for a grand golf vacation, with two marshes, a club house, comfort stations, tea shelters, a heritage house as well as a maintenance yard.
The massive Sports Fields Development Project is one of the largest public works projects in recent New York City history, boasting 64 proposed state-of-the-art athletic fields, attendant roadways, parking, pedestrian pathways, lighting, landscaping, and comfort stations to be built on the 300 acres of Randall's Island parkland.
The campground has approximately 150 hand pump wells, spread throughout the campground, as well as mechanical wells servicing comfort stations (restrooms).
LAS VEGAS -- From an expanded show floor incorporating new pavilions, easier navigation, and comfort stations featuring massages to increased networking opportunities and new conference tracks, Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2006 is introducing a host of fresh features designed to further enhance the total participant experience.
We provided water, refreshments, comfort stations and coloring books with crayons to children.
In the 1993 statement, then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono released the results of a Japanese government study that found the Japanese military "was, directly or indirectly, involved in the establishment and management of the comfort stations and the transfer of comfort women.
More than 20 neighborhood parks and playgrounds will be renovated with new play equipment, comfort stations, seating areas, fencing and landscaping.
More than 78,000 families have been helped in the aftermath of the three hurricanes, and over 2 million meals have been served from more than 100 emergency disaster vehicles and comfort stations.
The park improvements will include construction of a destination playground, two picnic pavilions, and a stage area; upgrade and installation of electric and water utilities; storm water and utility infrastructure upgrades; rehabilitation of the boat harbor breakwater and revetment; extension of the bike path; and design/placement and construction of comfort stations and parking lots.
Past research shows the Japanese military set up at least 20 comfort stations in East Timor where victims were forced to provide sex to Japanese soldiers, according to Akihisa Matsuno, a member of the East Timor Japan Coalition.
The community of Summit Rock remains largely undeveloped with the exception of the golf course, which has no permanent facilities-such as a clubhouse and cart barn-other than comfort stations.
The then Japanese military was, directly or indirectly, involved in the establishment and management of the comfort stations and the transfer of comfort women.
To make the race one of the most runner-oriented, comfortable marathons in the country, thousands of volunteers from Motorola, race sponsors and the Austin community were on hand to offer race participants numerous on-course amenities, including highly visible mile markers; comfort stations at every mile with water, PowerAde and ice; Runner's World pacing groups; split timers at 5K intervals; shuttle service between start and finish lines; 90% complete road closure with police protection at major intersections; police escorts for leaders and bicycle escorts for wheelchair participants; portable restroom facilities; medical aid throughout the course and massage therapy at the finish line; and clothing transport from start line and relay exchanges to the finish line area.