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The comfort stations were owned and operated by both institutions and individuals.
Altogether, performances of "Arirang" in the comfort station proved a compelling reinforcement of key colonial and military solidarities and beliefs.
It appears that in this comfort station the women were able to refuse soldiers who were not using, or were unwilling to use, condoms.
COMFORT STATION: With the fittings in the XC90, you need hardly go home to the castle
Wahine Builders is the primary subcontractor and construction manager for the West Loch Golf Course Comfort Station and the Mililani Mauka Community Park Comfort Station.
Another memorial site is A Place of Experience, which includes a reproduction of a comfort station. The emotional ramifications of almost literally bumping into memories seems unfathomable.
The Filipinas in their long skirts hung handmade quilts on a long wall of the NGO Forum site: cut-out felt, bits of cloth, colored thread transformed into soldiers, the layout of a comfort station, a village bombed.
Today's event marked completion of a project that included construction of a new shower house and comfort station; removal of the old comfort station and dressing stockade; and improvements to the campground's sanitary dumping station and other infrastructure.
The purpose of "Phase 2" is to provide a new building of approximately 900 s/f to house a comfort station. The park is the only playground within a several block area and is heavily used by families.
The project also includes construction of a new comfort station and parking lot.
Contract awarded for The scope of work for this project consists of designing repairs to the existing radio bay comfort station at hilo harbor, including but not limited to two (2) new accessible single-user restrooms; modifications to existing restrooms and janitor closet; and selected roof replacement.
A University of the Philippines historian and director of the Third World Studies Center, Ricardo Jose, said almost every major city in the Philippines had a comfort station, where the women, some of them only in their teens, were abused.
In addition to the new play equipment and recreation facilities, the playground's water area and safety surface were improved and its comfort station renovated.
The issue of sex slavery in the Philippines came to light in 1992 when, in response to calls by a local women's group, a victim revealed her experience of being raped by three Japanese soldiers at the age of 14 and detained at a ''comfort station'' for nine months.
During the project, the comfort station parking lot will be used as the entry/exit area for construction vehicles and equipment.