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Synonyms for comfit

candy containing a fruit or nut

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"They're the best glasses I've had so far," says Anne Cooper, 75, who recently tried a new pair of ComFit glasses.
Apart from the large number of brands such as its own house brands Bata and Comfit, the store also markets other international well-known footwear brands like Marie Claire, North Star, Primavera, and Power.
The Province of Nova Scotia implemented a Community Feed in Tariff (COMFIT) [29] which paid $0.131 per kWh generated by wind turbines; however, this program has not ended.
The side salads and little entrees were also impressive such as the fish cake with tomato salsa and the magnificent marinated peppers with comfit calamari and garlic chips.
IME and Fundy Tidal have in addition signed into a right of first refusal agreement to develop and finance Fundy Tidal s present COMFIT projects and to team up on future projects in Atlantic Canada.
Perfume Bottles, Fruit Bowls, and Comfit Boxes: Containers for the Expression of Sensory Luxury Among the 15th Century Castilian Nobility
Fundy Tidal's focus is on community ownership and benefits, and it has recently been awarded three sites for Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) projects.
We ordered two cups of soup (which come with entrees) and a single appetizer, duck comfit potstickers ($10).
14 May 2014 - US Link-Systems International Inc, a provider of technology-based solutions to educators, said it had finalised the takeover of the Comfit online learning business of domestic education firm Comfit LLC.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 14, 2014-Link-Systems Intl buys Comfit online learning activities
The steaks were juicy, the mahinlo fish, too, and the duck comfit was to rave about.
All the other comfit ions occurred in 12% or fewer study participants.
Further details are yet to emerge with regards to the incident, but it is a clear sign that the comfit in Syria between the regime forces and the armed opposition has taken on a new turn.