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Synonyms for comfit

candy containing a fruit or nut

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They're the best glasses I've had so far," says Anne Cooper, 75, who recently tried a new pair of ComFit glasses.
COMFIT is a Nova Scotia program that offers guaranteed kilowatt-per-hour rates to persuade community-owned renewable energy projects.
Nova Scotia's COMFIT program currently mandates standard tariffs for electricity from approved, small-scale renewable energy sources using wind, run-of-the-river hydro and in-stream tidal technologies.
We ordered two cups of soup (which come with entrees) and a single appetizer, duck comfit potstickers ($10).
The steaks were juicy, the mahinlo fish, too, and the duck comfit was to rave about.
All the other comfit ions occurred in 12% or fewer study participants.
Further details are yet to emerge with regards to the incident, but it is a clear sign that the comfit in Syria between the regime forces and the armed opposition has taken on a new turn.
Lozenge and comfit manufacturer to His Majesty the King.
with paddle attachment Add shredded meat, fines herbes, lemon comfit,
This seasonal offering, introduced in March and available until stocks run out, is laden with sweet lime and yogurt ice cream in combination with papaya and yogurt cream covered with papaya chunks and fluffy light sponge cubes, then garnished with milk comfit.
My comfit is, he new not which was which; and, as the saying is, all cats in the dark are grey.
With the ANNA grant, we purchased 45 Omron[R] digital blood pressure monitors (HEM-711ACN2 with Comfit Cuff).