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Synonyms for cometic

of or relating to or resembling a comet


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She recommends the Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" cometic safety database ( for evaluating personal hygiene products.
Cometic surgery patients will be advised by the consultants on continued skincare after procedures and will be referred to us.
Cometic is currently looking at three individual acquisitions which would enable Comtec to leapfrog it's competitors by 'not re-inventing the wheel,' but acquiring best of breed.
The main products are natural extracts for food, cometic and pharmaceutical industries.
(1.) Hermann, H.F.; Lukasch, A.; Hohner, G.; Michaelis, H.; Lachmann, A.; Cometic, pharmaceutical and dermatological preparations comprising homopolymer and/or copolymer waxes of the monomers ethylene and propylene, US Patent Application 20070031361, Feb.