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In most human development indices Gujarat comes nowhere near the top three States in India.
Aber was a far superior player and Jim also comes nowhere near in terms of indiscipline.
I would say that my achievement comes nowhere near him for the simple fact that Pakistan was going through a good run at that time.
But as a legal matter, Wheaton's application comes nowhere near the high bar necessary to warrant an emergency injunction from this court.
Hobby Lobby comes nowhere near to correcting the heart of the problem, which is the overly expansive authority that the Obamacare law itself provides to HHS to define "preventive services.
The 3% rise in the minimum wage comes nowhere near to compensating for below inflation increases since 2008.
But growth post-recession comes nowhere near the increases enjoyed a decade ago, as revealed in the newly released 2013 Hardlines Retail Report.
Coun Kane has given a mealy-mouthed explanation that he "regrets" the personal nature of the attack on Mr Sambrook, but this comes nowhere near an apology.
There is a fine line between what you can credibly ask for and going over the top but eliminating zerorisk assets from net worth comes nowhere near that.
This year's opening-day attendance count comes nowhere close to the pool's 1,048 capacity, and Guthrie says that it is most likely due to the cool morning.
Swans chairman Huw Jenkins said at the time: "Paulo was keen on Kuqi, but I looked into that option and sometimes what is demanded comes nowhere near what we are prepared to offer.
And that comes nowhere near what most people are thinking about the missing royals at the first Armed Forces Day.
It's better than the awful Terminator 3, though that's not saying much, but comes nowhere near matching the quality of the first two films.
Despite the reputation that still persists in some quarters of a city living on the edge of legality, Liverpool comes nowhere near the top ten of business crime cities.
But Susan said: "It comes nowhere near to rectifying the misery they put people through.