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you can say: "Working until something better comes along.
And People Sport understands it is possible Fulham would be willing to include a clause in his contract that would allow Hughton to go for any manager's job that comes along.
It's a bit disappointing but I accept that at this stage in my career I need to be playing games and I've always said if the right offer comes along I'll definitely have a look at it.
I hope it works but what if a spider comes along that's bigger than the conker?
Sometimes business comes along that you don't want and sometimes business comes along that is too good an opportunity to turn down.
I think the January window is a time when business sometimes comes along," he added.
It just comes along with the mechanics and the deception, I guess.
If a guy comes along who wants to be a part of what I have to offer, then I'll definitely have room for him in my heart--although we might need to buy a bigger house.
When another, evil doppelganger comes along, he must make a life-changing decision.
NOW: A car heading from Berry Street towards St John's Centre car park currently comes along Renshaw Street, continues straight along Lime Street and reached the car park entrance.
Russ Stratton, the film's coproducer, says, "Every so often, a novel comes along that not only strikes a strong dramatic and historical chord, but that allows us to look at ourselves through a long lens of incredible wisdom.
Beck) sees his role as a transitional one, preparing the ministry so that it can be handed over when the right native person comes along," reported Canada Lutheran, the ELCIC magazine.
If it's not Ralph Nader it's going to be someone else who comes along and spoils it.
We just wanted to get the course up and running," Di Gregorio said, "but by next year we'll be ready for anything that comes along.