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Synonyms for comer

one that arrives

one showing much promise

Synonyms for comer

someone with a promising future

someone who arrives (or has arrived)

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The GAA's rules on amateur status mean any form of pay-for-play is strictly forbidden but Comer feels that has to change.
They noted that Comer had recently employed Jim Gorman as a trainer and prior to determining the penalty for these breaches, felt it was appropriate to give Gorman an opportunity to address matters operationally.
In "Thirteen," Comer stars as Ivy Moxam, a woman who escapes from a cellar after being held captive for 13 years.
Otros autores han sugerido que el comer emocional genera unicamente el apaciguamiento emocional temporal y evita el desarrollo de una estrategia que resuelva los problemas (Gross y John, 2003), lo cual unicamente produce en el individuo un bienestar esporadico y trae como consecuencia la ganancia de algunos kilos en el largo plazo.
In the new role, Comer will lead all business development efforts in Harrisonburg and the surrounding area, as Blue Ridge Bank (BRB) continues to expand both lending and deposit relationships.
But Scotsman Porter, 51, was stealing cash from Comer Homes' owners Comer Group, through the Greenfield Property Management firm where he worked.
Sin embargo, se podria plantear que la practica cultural de "comer fuera de casa", en las diferentes franjas de la clase media, tuvo su origen mucho antes de eso: primero como el salir a almorzar o a comer a casa de las abuelas, de otros familiares, de amistades o a clubes sociales.
Our newly formed subsidiary will enable us to work more closely with customers and group purchasing organizations across the country," Comer said.
Known principally for the School Development Program (SDP), Comer continues to push for education reform that puts children's social and emotional development front and center.
Comer, yet expressed no insight about why he committed such a horrendous crime against his neighbor," the board wrote.
Employing multiple theoretical models and interdisciplinary approaches, Comer argues that surfer girls in body and action signify a cultural shift in everything--from how one might approach the historiography of the American West to "the fight against jihadist terror.
Los expertos dedujeron que si se estudia antes de comer, el aprendizaje puede mejorar.
Y es que para mi, comer y beber son unos de los mayores placeres en este <<valle de lagrimas>> en el que estamos: una vez que he desayunado, pienso inmediatamente en que voy a comer, y si visito una nueva ciudad, siempre busco los rinconcitos idoneos para degustar platillos tipicos, especiales o unicos.
Comer was national president of the ADAA in 1967-68 and had been active with the association for 18 years prior to her inauguration.
In an emailed response to questions from Whispers discussing recent personnel changes at KFSM-TV, Channel 5, in Fayetteville and Fort Smith, President and General Manager Van Comer addressed scuttlebutt about the future of the station's sports department.