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Synonyms for comedown

Synonyms for comedown

a sudden drop to a lower condition or status

Words related to comedown

decline to a lower status or level

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Let Go For Tonight is joyfully bombastic, Youth and Echo place you directly into a club on a Friday night before the epileptic ballad of Shaking Heads brings on the comedown.
Albert Hammond Jr is currently on tour in UK and he has been playing material from The Strokes' 2013 album Comedown Machine in his set.
After the split, both have jumped deep into work as Wiig is busy with her recent movie releases in July, animated feature Despicable Me 2 and Girl Most Likely, while Moretti is celebrating the release of The Strokes' fifth studio album, Comedown Machine.
The Strokes Comedown Machine Our fave IT'S been worth the wait.
LOSING at Blackpool and only drawing against Peterborough was a comedown after the Boxing Day win over Hull, but overall I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing.
It has taken me a couple of weeks to readjust to life and be out of that World Cup circle, and that has been a comedown.
I wouldn't say it was a comedown, it was just different.
The Robins made the League One play-off final in 2010 but suffered a disastrous comedown this season and finished bottom of the table.
A metaphor that sounds like far-fetched parody, until you learn he is It's all a bit of a comedown after actually on record as saying his favourite book of all time is children's classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar - sample page: "In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.
Having experienced his own drawn-out cup affair, Nicholl now believes O'Neill will have to attempt to lift his players from the comedown of their recent cancellation, ahead of Saturday's Premier League trip to Wigan.
We want as many people as possible to comedown and support the team," said coach Chris Thomas.
It was a bit of a comedown after last weekend's brilliant 4-2 win in Telford where Katie Henry, Olivia Mason, Joe Southall and Sam Owen all scored.
After the glories of Kenneth Williams, Billy Connolly and all, it 's a bit of a comedown to get Take That being asked: "What was it like to be back on the road?
Poole was the 102nd player and 13th cornerback selected - quite a comedown for a player who last month was considered by some NFL evaluators as the third best corner available.
is also in love with Portia, Rufus, with issues of his own, is a convenient ally in the plot hatched to effect "a bit of a comedown for the holy one and his father.