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Synonyms for comedown

Synonyms for comedown

a sudden drop to a lower condition or status

Words related to comedown

decline to a lower status or level

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"It is definitely a little comedown because it was lovely, loads of my friends flew home for the wedding so it was great to have them home for a few days and catching up with everybody.
Messy, meandering and occasionally illuminating, The Comedown is a family saga that recalls real life.
For Northampton it was an almighty comedown after the reigning champions had routed Gloucester 53-6 nine days ago, scoring eight tries in the process.
IF YOUR skin is suffering a post-holiday comedown, try Caudalie's Overnight Recovery Oil, PS26 - a new at-home treat already used in their swanky facials.
I still believe I have got a lot to oer.'' Ron Vlaar will not suer a World Cup comedown, insists Villa boss Paul Lambert.
According to, it was a bit of a comedown for the journalists as they were given glasses of champagne to celebrate Mourinho's birthday just a few weeks ago.
Corey Robin, a political science professor at Brooklyn College, put it even more poetically; "There are lots of ways to be Jewish," he said, "but worshiping a heavily militarized state seems like a bit of a comedown from our past."
Mallya, according to sources, has now been forced to hire corporate jets from other companies -- a comedown for his high- flying lifestyle.
And the New York City garage-rockers' fifth disc, "Comedown Machine" is no different.
Both lots parking is sold out but please comedown and check us out.
"I guess it's the dreaded curse of the comedown from the Ryder Cup.
Errani will doubtless be tough to beat but the Italians play so often that a comedown is a possibility against a talented opponent showing improvement.
"I generally don't like to expect too much because if it doesn't work out then it is a big comedown from that, so I would prefer to be cautious," he added.
Kerry's Northern "charm" may be endearing at first, but take it from a British public who have had to live through every break-up and every comedown over the last decade.
What makes the film spellbinding as a gay artifact is that the comedown from the '70s high seemed to he so dramatic all around.