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Synonyms for comedic

intended to excite laughter or amusement

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It was the kind of joke I think the Pope would use himself, and that's what befits an Honorary Comedic Advisor," he added.
Mockey's Revinge is very highly recommended for its clever and interesting depiction of a young woman's comedic perspective.
Vegas is up against the Early Doors cast, Shameless star David Thelfall and Steve Edge, from the show I'm With Stupid, in the best comedic performance on film and TV category.
Together, they offer an experience in American literature that runs the gamut from soulful realism to comedic wit, political satire, and thoughtful social commentary.
With his comedic reading, Sullivan is disarmingly charming.
Froot's effervescent comedic and musical talents, irrepressible physicality, and a decent Edward G.
Works in this tradition share a unified, consistent structural life, constituting a single history that offers at once an alternative to conventional comedic practice and an alternative reading of recurrent visual-art strategies.
And while some of the characters are a bit over the top--including a cross-dressing flight attendant who entertains passengers by lip-synching to Barbra Streisand--Talbert's flair for storytelling and comedic timing make his debut novel a page-turner.
Participating seniors soaked up acting techniques in weeks, quickly learning to create comedic spots on the fly.
If laughter is the best medicine, then October is set to provide a variety of remedies for those in need of a comedic cure.
The chemistry between the uptight Martin and a slovenly Candy is familiar from dozens of other buddy films, but it works well here, provoking tears of laughter and sympathy as we watch the comedic duo come to grips with each other and with every obstacle and annoyance modern transportation can throw at them.
The film's strength is rooted in the comedic performances and the writing, although the final reference to the Quebec flag was a definite crowd-pleaser, a non-Canadian audience might miss the comedic impact.
Miola's study traces the presence of these plays in Shakespeare, with the organizing categories being derived from New Comedy itself: The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night are "error plays" in which Plautine confusion is given new moral and romantic dimensions; The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing celebrate "intrigue" at the same time that they explore its darker ramifications; The Merry Wives of Windsor and All's Well That Ends Well engage the alazoneia (or "boasting") of New Comedy by subverting and modifying the audience's expectations about it; and the "romances," Pericles and The Tempest, combine motifs from Plautus and Terence with those of other traditions to produce a comoedia sacra which redefines comedic chance.
Joining forces with highly sought out producer, Zeus Zamani, who brought you the feel-good film Battlefield America and the epic thriller, No Vacancy, Ali Zamani brings the next comedic cult classic, Maul Dogs to the world of cinema.