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Over the years she had transformed her persona from a willowy temptress with a come-hither look to a shrewd and worldly woman.
TerrorEyz, which is a small, soft-body baitfish lure that slips over a jig whose cylindrical lead head, perpendicular to the hook shank, doubles as a set of come-hither eyes.
Wanna see something cool," the Samsung guy asks after giving her his come-hither look.
Tired of his leering and leching, and with his mum Megan and her partner Declan out, she lures Robbie to the stables on Thursday with a come-hither look.
LAH'S South-East Asian menu and come-hither charm were instant hits, so the Makers got ambitious and opened Garage Inc.
Just who was this voluptuous blonde with the outrageous figure and the come-hither look who had burst on to the stage like a tinsel-wrapped thunderbolt
A look at the iconic posters of decades past reveals that boys generally went for a come-hither look and as few clothes as possible, while the girls were suckers for guys who dressed like Jack and Victor from Still Game, but who had a nice smile.
I've witnessed that come-hither prestidigitorial trick
As long as they are not distracting the male players with their come-hither smiles and intoxicating musk, or suffering their mood-altering "monthly business", then what is the problem?
At first I was a little hesitant with my encounter with the exotic animal but then I became possessed with an adventurous spirit and I try to lure over the zebra's clan displaying carrots as a form of come-hither bribery.
Butch" Otter is again making come-hither gestures to Oregon and Washington businesses, this time with a new Web site - justmaketheshift.
0 (10/1) has a come-hither look - 4/1 should be nearer the mark, making it a very pokeable long shot.
In some cases, the come-hither responses are a deadly ruse, from a larger species that has cracked its preyAAEs code.
One of his favorites stores is Hubba Hubba in Burbank "for finding the best come-hither vintage pieces that won't break your budget.
His work at 'Colours of Paradise' included beautifully rendered portraits in pencil and charcoal; sensual images of idealised women with big, come-hither eyes; and a large-scale depiction of a man in a vibrant, lemon-orange turban, clearly illustrated Saeed's love of strong colours.