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Each year nearly a million visitors come to walk the decks "once red with heroes' blood," as the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote.
Rephidim, the site in Exodus, is the last stopping place of the Israelites before they come to Mt.
I have come to a place where my discipleship, my walk with Christ, requires telling the whole truth and paying whatever price truthfulness requires."
Are things going to come to an end?, they are a distinct minority across Christendom.
"Well, many have tried to come to Germany because of their structural poverty and economic insecurity," Kelly said.
I knew Aaron in seminary and am delighted to come to know him again through one of my teaching partners, Melinda Wagner, who is Aaron's spouse and co-pastor at First Immanuel.
OCCUPATION: Purchasing agent ON COMING OUT: The time has finally come to spread my wings and open that closet door.