come out of the closet

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Synonyms for come out of the closet

to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality

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In the January 17 issue, John Morgan Wilson writes about Hollywood actors who come out of the closet afar decades of being in the closet ["There Won't Be Trumpets"].
Ironically, when Carnes was subsequently cast in a small role on Desperate Housewives, he had no idea--and neither, it seems, did the show's writers--that his character would return months later to come out of the closet, dragging Bree Van De Kamp's teenage son with him.
I am proud that I was able to come out of the closet with dignity and on my own terms.
Still, she says, she wanted her school to participate in the national Day of Silence--a project of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network to protest anti-gay violence and harassment--because her friends couldn't safely come out of the closet. "After that day people were coming out like crazy," Adame says.
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