come out

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  • verb

Synonyms for come out

appear or become visible

be issued or published

take a place in a competition


Related Words

to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality

be made known


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Still, she says, she wanted her school to participate in the national Day of Silence--a project of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network to protest anti-gay violence and harassment--because her friends couldn't safely come out of the closet.
It's tough to have to compromise like that, and I wish now that I had come out sooner.
While posing as limousine liberals, most of today's movie stars have shirked their responsibility to come out of the closet.
Twenty-five years after he became the first pro football player to come out, former National Football League running back Dave Kopay is still waiting.
Newton says he can tell his relationship with a faculty member "has surpassed that of mere teacher-student to friendship when I disclose that I am gay." Still, it's not easy: "I'm terribly frightened that if I just come out and tell all my teachers, they'll stereotype me immediately.
"I think it's important for people to come out, though it should not be de rigueur," he states.
lang, Melissa Etheridge, the Indigo Girls, and Janis Ian hadn't come out, I wouldn't be coming out now," Bono said.
A veteran of antiwar protests, Kight is inspired to come out by the Stonewall uprising.
Last year at this time the same president of the United States who is currently losing his job fight in front of us stood before a cheering crowd at the Human Rights Campaign's annual dinner in Washington, D.C., and urged people to come out. His words weren't dead-on about it--they never are.
Her eventual decision to come out on the cover of this magazine made her an instant gay celebrity.