come home

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  • verb

Synonyms for come home

become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions

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Say said he hoped that all the OFWs would be able to come home by July 21st before the end of the extended amnesty period.
If Professor Sison would have to come home, kung KLM flight iyan (if it's a KLM) he has to pass by Taipei.
Agcaoili, who had talked for the third time with Duterte since the latter won the presidency, said they would like to get a guarantee from the Dutch government, the Norwegian government and even the US government itself that they would respect the sovereignty of the Filipino people and our desire to pursue a just and lasting peace by allowing Sison to come home.
Great news, except for those cruise tickets and the fact that there's no Christmas to come home to.
I'd come home with trophies and my mom and dad would just shake their heads,'' Davis said.