combustible material

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a substance that can be burned to provide heat or power


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The brief but intense thermal pulse of a nuclear explosion immediately ignites any combustible material nearby.
The fire raged for over 26 hours, eating up combustible material inside the building.
A person with a burning piece of flax or some other combustible material approached the new pontiff while he was seated on his throne and intoned: "Remember, O man, that thou art dust, and unto dust shalt thou return.
The garage was filled with stacks of newspapers and other combustible material that could have been ignited by electric- or propane-powered space heaters, a detective said.
Five of the units were stripped of all spare parts and combustible material, and entombed underground.
Boxes, paper, and other combustible material may catch on fire if left too close to pumps, motors, and other electrical and heat producing appliances and equipment.
Bryant Construction Ltd of Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, who were refurbishing the wing of the hotel where the fire broke out, admitted three similar charges by leaving the smoke detector and fire alarm out of action and storing combustible material s.
Robert Kaplan is therefore working with combustible material in his book, the story of the handful of Americans who over the past 200 years have chosen to learn Arabic and live in Araby.
Coating plastic materials with this coating turns the plastic from a combustible material to a non combustible material.
Contract notice: Ti 2017-1046 crushing of combustible material.
She was unable to provide more detail on what kind of combustible material may have been involved.
During the inspection of these four pumps, the team caught an open air sale of petrol which tantamount to handling combustible material endangering lives and property.
Mr Nolan said combustible material was not covered with fire curtains.
Kim says the blaze may have started when a spark from construction at the site of a national art museum landed in combustible material.
With lines like "she walks around my head'' the Chemists are playing with fairly combustible material here.