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The combining form of word roots is also used to build compound words.
Combining form and function, Lumalight--a sculpture by day, a lamp by night--brightens interiors by infusing dynamic lines and shapes with light.
Effortlessly combining form and function, the Zip features a sleek black charging pad design with multiple magnetic Mini USB and Micro USB "ZipTail" charging receivers compatible with today's smart devices.
Combining form and function, the WTFM3765 fits flat-panels from 37 to 65 inches.
The "-gy" suffix comes from the combining form "-logy," meaning the name of sciences or bodies of knowledge, as in biology and geology.
Once we had addressed the issue of combining form and function using plasma televisions, it made perfect sense to offer owners of flat screen computers the same opportunity to transform their electronics into items they would be proud to display," said Eli Wilner, Founder and CEO of Eli Wilner & Company.
Word parts dictionary; standard and reverse listings of prefixes, suffixes, roots, and combining forms, 2d ed.
This collection of ten papers covers processes in genomic sequencing that involve analysis and refinement of data, with such topics as mass spectrometry in systems biology, mathematical modeling and optimization methods for de novo protein design, molecular simulation and systems biology, global gene expression assays in terms of quantitative noise analysis, mapping the genotype-phenotype and the contribution of cellular signaling networks, integrating innate immunity into a global systems context, combining forms of analysis for the improvement of microorganisms for industrial applications, genomic-scale models of metabolic and regulatory networks, biophysical models of cardiovascular systems and embryonic stem cells as a form of system biology.
Four appendices provide quick references of abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms.