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This acquisition does not satisfy the requirements for a statutory merger because V (the combining entity of the transferor unit) does not cease its separate legal existence.
The DOB amended Local Law 77 to eliminate the necessity of obtaining a certificate of occupancy where the alteration only consisted of combining apartments to create a larger residential apartment.
While the two sides saw a fit in combining their operations, it took about three years of due diligence to finally complete the deal.
"For example," Lockburner said, "it would prohibit the current practice of combining subordinated debt with stockholders' equity and setting forth one number as capital on the face of the financial statements.
Designers of medical meta-analytic methodology usually restrict use of the term to methods directly used for contrasting and combining results of different studies.
Interferometry works by combining signals from a given source recorded by widely spaced receivers; the more widely spaced the receivers, the finer the detail observed.
We believe that this common culture is critical to successfully combining the complementary capabilities of our two companies and delivering the benefit of greater breadth and depth of resources to the clients of SSRM, MetLife and BlackRock."