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the act of drawing a comb through hair

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BADIN -- Heavy contingent of Badin police along with Thar Rangers and other law enforcement agencies conducted a joint combing operation near cantonment area of Badin on Thursday.
The company Graf, located in Rapperswil, Switzerland, is a leading supplier of clothings for flat cards, roller cards and combs for combing machines.
NPA says early detection with a quality combing tool and thorough manual removal of lice and nits is the best approach, given that there is no totally safe and effective chemical treatment available.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- The law enforcement agencies here have rounded up at least 52 persons including 45 unregistered Afghan expatriates, found residing unlawfully in the outskirt town of Mirpur, during the renewed combing operation against the unlawful residents - the foreigners, under the National Action Plan, police said.
LAHORE -- DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf has said that combing operations are being conducted at sensitive places in every division on daily basis in the provincial capital.
ISLAMABAD -- The military's top brass approved on Monday the timeline and operational details of countrywide 'combing operations' against terrorists and militant groups, which would involve large-scale army deployments.
Here we explore the hypothesis that the fine combs found as grave goods in Arica archaeological sites were produced not only for combing the hair, but above all to mechanically remove head lice and their eggs.
The product is designed to destroy lice on contact by combing through dry hair, according to executives at the Needham, Mass.
Lice can become resistant to treatment products and it is important to combine the wet combing method with spells of using medicated products.
The Question: Which is the better method for diagnosing head lice--visual inspection or wet combing?
Accuracy of diagnosis of pediculosis capitis: visual inspection versus wet combing. Archives of Dermatology, 2009; 145(3): 309-13.
West offers some encouragement: "Actually, a groomer usually has more success combing out mats than an owner because they can work at it a little better, and they have more experience handling and restraining the cat during grooming."
Sometimes it was not possible to repair the comb so that it could be used for combing again.
1) When combing your hair remember that brushes, even plastic ones and ones made from boar bristles, can rip the hair, cause stress and breakage.
They are much the poorer for not having the knowledge of combing, a knowledge, that like dry stone walling and so many other traditional British skills and customs, is dying.