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Synonyms for combinatory

marked by or relating to or resulting from combination


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relating to or involving combinations

able to or tending to combine

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By combining informational science, combinatory theories and studies about artificial intelligence, von Neumann elaborated a theory for creating self-reproducing machines, capable of building not just identical, but more complex mechanisms, possessing the same skills Anteo attributes to his automaton-creators.
These relatively low AUC values suggest that the Majority Voting Ensemble does not have good discriminatory power, and that Majority Voting is not a useful combinatory rule when the distribution of outcomes is highly skewed.
Field evaluations were carried out on 16 maize varieties, 11 of which are new experimental synthetic maize varieties, integrated from lines with different levels of inbreeding and selected for their good performance per se and high effects of general combinatory aptitude of the component lines (Andres-Meza et al.
who talks to whom), the third stage expresses itself in terms of combinatory criteria and, as such, allows for specifying optimization of who talks best with whom; certain combinatory patterns are more likely to result in successful solutions, insights, or proposals than others.
They are also keen to investigate the efficacy of combinatory regimen of nimbolide and approved drugs such as docetaxel and enzalutamide for future prostate cancer therapy.
The combinatory reliability coefficient (CR) and Cronbach's alpha coefficient, evaluates the reliability of the measurement tool.
And based on this unique combinatory interest of mine towards marketing, economics and strategy, I came across a book titled 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' by John Perkins.
The collapse of human identity, unable to crystallize within a hi-tech combinatory, is not only easily foreseen, but also deliberate: the uniqueness of human individuality is exponentially superseded by robotic precision and mass duplication.
Another valuable direction in logic is combinatory logic with the contributions of M.
In ELEXIR, plans are represented using combinatory categorial grammars (CCGs) (Steedman 2000), one of the so-called lexicalized grammars (Schabes 1990).
The phoneme /r/ has a plentiful number of allophones--both free and combinatory allophones--within and across language boundaries (the term "combinatory allophones" refers to the different realizations of a phoneme depending on the phonetic environment of the phoneme).
I owe to our great polygraph, and to several years of tenacious reading, my passion for language; I admire his secret and serene originality, his infinite combinatory ability, his humor, his talent for inserting everyday expressions, seemingly at odds with literary language, into a masterful exposition on Gongora, Virgil, or Mallarme.
Alla luce di questa riflessione, l'opera di Calvino si configura come esemplare: "What is proposed here, instead, is Calvino's intentional appropriation of the fragmentary, discontinuous, and combinatory nature of reality.
The Pinocchiesque Fantasy that dominated the next thirty years included texts informed by postmodern combinatory zeal, in this case expressing itself in the tendency to "self-consciously deconstruct and reassemble" Collodi's classic text while at the same engaging with contemporary political and social themes (188).