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Synonyms for combinatorial

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

Synonyms for combinatorial

relating to or involving combinations

relating to the combination and arrangement of elements in sets

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The combinatorial model, called "the plaid model," has a self-similar structure that blends geometry and elementary number theory.
The service utilizes Fujitsu's unique Digital Annealer architecture to quickly solve combinatorial optimization problems, drawing on an innovative design inspired by quantum phenomena.
A combinatorial reciprocity theorem relates two classes of combinatorial objects via their counting functions, explain Beck and Sanyal.
* Model SPD140DDA--A mediumcapacity, modular system, used for drying aggressive organic solvents, strong acids, bases and combinatorial chemistry solvents.
Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry LLC serves to license some of the technology that has emerged from the research operations of Firebird Biomolecular Sciences LLC and the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution.
Combinatorial testing has become a well accepted testing method.
Using a Northwestern technique that deposits materials on a surface, Mirkin and his team figured out how to make combinatorial libraries of nanoparticles in a very controlled way.
International Congress of Mathematicians Satellite Conference on Algebraic and Combinatorial Approaches to Representation Theory (2010: Bangalore, India) and Follow-up Conference (2012: Riverside, CA) Ed.
Then we will show that among three matrices which are a (conformal) period matrix, a combinatorial period matrix and an associate matrix, there exists an equation which is the main result.
Combinatorial design theory is an important part of combinatorial mathematics.
Universal combinatorial coding is a kind of lossless coding method.
Combinatorial procurement auctions are increasingly being employed in both the private and public sector as an alternative to simultaneous auctions of individual contracts.
Then, using combinatorial chemistry, they build up trillions of random DNA sequences made of these modified nucleotides.
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