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Synonyms for combinational

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

Synonyms for combinational

able to or tending to combine

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The second use case is also an example of using the PAELib to describe the logic circuit that contains both combinational and sequential components.
Ahmed, "Performance evaluation of efficient combinational logic design using nanomaterial electronics," Cogent Engineering, vol.
We just explain how this design avoids the glitches which may occur at the input node from the preceding combinational circuits.
Treatment with imatinib-loaded tLyp-1-modified nanoparticles with anti-CTLA-4 antibody showed the best antitumor effect, while the combination index was 0.52, suggesting the synergistic effect of the combinational therapy.
While the AUC of combinational B7-H4 and OPN is 0.887 with sensitivity of 99.2% and specificity of 55.9%, ROC curve of combined B7-H4 and TPS revealed an AUC of 0.891 with a sensitivity of 99.0% and a specificity of 60.1%.
revealed that the antidiabetic drugs metformin, sitagliptin, and pioglitazone have an anti-inflammatory role in atherosclerosis, suggesting a therapeutic role of these drugs in preventing diabetic atherosclerosis, and furthermore, combinational therapy was beneficial to reduce atherosclerosis.
Given the multifactorial characteristics of ADHD, the management of this disorder may benefit from a combinational approach, such as two or more herbs.
Three types of such networks have been studied: pure combinational (e.g.
With immunosuppression, particularly with the use of a combinational regimen, the clinical symptoms were atypical.[sup][3] The two patients began with the symptoms of limited RLAQ pain or mild leukocytosis.
In the combinational logic step, a final result of diagnosis is obtained from the individual results.
The conventional design of the A5/1 stream cipher consists of four main characteristics that make up the system, and these are the linear feedback shift register (LFSR), the feedback polynomials, the clocking mechanism, and the combinational function.
Due to the high power consumption, I in combinational mechanism, such as IF and IP, operate worse than both BF and BP.
Very often different operations over data are implemented in highly parallel networks that take input values and convert them to output values in a combinational circuit.
Sensitive transistors are protected in [7] based on duplicating and sizing a subset of transistors necessary for soft error tolerance in combinational circuits.