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lock that can be opened only by turning dials in a special sequence

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There are many kinds of combination locks, but I have not seen one that's geared toward young and elderly people or those that would enjoy a decorative and interesting lock.
But they also observed that the vault's combination locks "were easily opened.
The use of proximity readers and keyed or combination locks requires personnel to carefully manage key cards, keys and combinations.
WORDLOCK[R] PADLOCK is the original family of combination locks that uses words instead of numbers.
This patent allows bioMETRX to exclusively improve current mechanical padlocks and combination locks using biometrics, providing users the ability to open portable locks without the need to remember combination codes or carry metal keys.
Stack-On offers a wide variety of full-size and handgun-size steel safes that feature both electronic and combination locks.
While the beautifully crafted wordplay of Safecracker - with its imagery of combination locks being picked and escapes made in souped-up Ford cars - is brilliant.
On the plus side for students, they'll no longer have to deal with sticky combination locks.
And bags and rucksacks come with special fitted hoods and combination locks so they can be secured to furniture in pubs and clubs.
Until 1995, case officers had a special suite of offices at CIA headquarters, closed off from analysts by combination locks.
Getting into the steel reinforced equipment cabinets is only possible through separate combination locks.
From simple key locks that mirror the performance of a desk lock to small padlocks, three-row combination locks and sophisticated electronic locks requiring push-button codes, you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.
The safes have rounded corners for added safety, adjustable shelves and drawers inside them, easy-to-read combination locks, a single hinge door, double security combination key and lock, and are UL listed.
of Nicholasville, Kentucky is different than ordinary mechanical, three-wheel combination locks because it automatically repositions, or scrambles, the lock's wheels the instant the lock's bolt is retracted.