combination lock

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lock that can be opened only by turning dials in a special sequence

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From a simple warded lock with key to a complex push-button combination lock, these projects are fantastic conversation starters and make highly impressive gifts.
Keyless entry is provided by Tuffy's 3-digit combination lock with a 2-point steel cam for added security.
This is connected to a digital combination lock featured on the iPhone screen.
My Pelican 1495 case has four latches, two places to attach padlocks, as well as an integral 3-digit combination lock. It's also too big for anyone to try to conceal.
Each piece is embedded with a certified TSA combination lock, for added security, and comes with a leather ID tag, leather handle grip and pull handle grip for extra comfort and convenience.
They will then receive a code and they have a certain duration within which they have to unlock the bike from the rack and open its combination lock.
You will then receive an SMS with a code to open the combination lock of that specific bike.
Dubbed the Safari Colonial Vanity Case, it comes equipped with a numerical combination lock to keep all your valuables safe.
Read the code, open the combination lock at the bike
Precious Allen, 31, her daughter and another woman attacked the 15-year-old in Cincinnati with their fists and a combination lock.
It features a 100-decibel alarm, as well as two motion sensitivity settings, so if anyone tries to tamper with your bike, it's sure to let others know.The added fournumber combination lock makes it almost impossible for anyone to pilfer your transport, or any other bit of gear it is attached to.
Unit locks with a key-coded cylinder lock or a combination lock. Case dimensions are 6 1/2 wide x 9 1/2 deep x 1 3/4 inches high.
Featuring an important necesity, Tokyo Chic is also fixed with a TSA combination lock for worry free travel even to USA.
Combination lock S pounds 3.50 (, 0844 800 1895)