combination lock

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lock that can be opened only by turning dials in a special sequence

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You will then receive an SMS with a code to open the combination lock of that specific bike.
Read the code, open the combination lock at the bike
Precious Allen, 31, her daughter and another woman attacked the 15-year-old in Cincinnati with their fists and a combination lock.
The Litesphere collection boasts an integrated combination lock accepted by Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which delivers additional security.
The added fournumber combination lock makes it almost impossible for anyone to pilfer your transport, or any other bit of gear it is attached to.
Unit locks with a key-coded cylinder lock or a combination lock.
Featuring an important necesity, Tokyo Chic is also fixed with a TSA combination lock for worry free travel even to USA.
One of the first security codes was probably the combination lock, which dates back to the Roman Empire.
The EMKA IP65 three-digit combination lock and cylinder key swinghandle system offers simple security on two levels.
The first of its kind, the device acts as both a hitch receiver that fits a 1/2- or 5/8-inch receiver hole, and a rubber-encased "safe" with a four-digit combination lock.
Puzzles include Roulette for the Unwary, the Faulty Combination Lock, and Collapsing a Polygon.
The hex-head nut that secures the clamp is covered by an extended shroud that accepts a small combination lock or key lock.
The size and scope of the padlock and combination lock market is massive, with an estimated 40 million locks sold totaling in excess of $600 million in the United States alone.
Covering theories and practices, the handbook outlines a model called the learning combination lock, which is based on the idea that people interact with the external environment through their senses.
Wheel kit and leather pull strap offer easy portability; 3-dial combination lock provides security