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Synonyms for combinable

able to or tending to combine

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The retail space being marketed consists of three spaces: two combinable inline spaces at 1733 First Avenue totaling 2,310 square feet on the ground and 1,500 square feet in the lower level, and a corner space at 1735 First Avenue that features 975 square feet on the ground and 242 square feet in the basement.
The deals are not combinable with any other promotions or discounts.
A wheat farmer and the NFU combinable crops board chairman Andrew Watts said, "It seems many farmers have written 2013 off and are trying to do what they can with the crops in the ground.
Guy Gagen, NFU chief combinable crops adviser, said in a statement that wheat yields were down after abnormally high rainfall across the UK since the early summer.
Stratford farmer Jim Meadows represents farmers across the West Midlands as regional NFU combinable crops chairman, and says the sector has a promising future.
Terms and conditions apply, not combinable with any other offer.
The Fengrain store located at March in Cambridgeshire is registered under the Trade Assured Scheme for Combinable Crops and provides a 100,000 tonne grain storage facility with a sophisticated sampling system.
Configurable options enable you to set rules giving travellers the choice between one-way combinable and round-trip fares.
The Red Rose Romance Package is combinable with other popular promotions at the resort, including the Martha Stewart-designed Beautiful Beginnings Wedding Theme, as well as Sandals Select Points, created for loyal guests.
NCL's new itineraries for 2010/11 include mini-cruises to the Bahamas (above) from pounds 149pp and seven-night combinable eastern and western Caribbean itineraries on board its newest ship Norwegian Epic.
Assays will be extensively cross validated among PPD's locations to produce combinable data, according to the company.
Features include a fully connected logic array where each array input is available to every product term; selectable registers where each flip-flop can be configured as either a T- type or D- type; buried combinatorial feedback where the Q2 register in any macrocell may be bypassed to feed the input back to the logic array; selectable synchronous/asynchronous clock of any of the flip-flops which allows the registers to use any clock; 48 registers created from two flip-flops per macrocell, each with its own clock and reset and sum terms; and macrocell combinable sum terms where each macrocell's three sum terms may be combined into a single term.
This offer is not combinable with any other easyJet offer.
Intermarine operates one of the most modern fleets of multipurpose vessels, including seven 8,000 DWT "Century" Class vessels with 2 x 200 metric ton cranes combinable for 400-ton lifts.