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a person who separates and straightens the fibers of cotton or wool

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a long curling sea wave

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a machine that separates and straightens the fibers of cotton or wool

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"So yeah, I'm pretty confident." Hanna has been at the club since he was 10 years old so he's been an ever-present during manager Phil McDonagh's reign and played his part in Comber's attempts to end their five-year exile from the Amateur League's top flight.
Dr Beattie made the discovery in the cathedral archives after researching Thomas Comber, who was the Dean of Durham from 1689.
The open date and status above indicate when Comber Grove School opened or when it changed to its most recent incarnation, with a number of schools converting to academies in recent years.
The overhead construction is space efficient and enables flexible arrangement of combers. Whenever combined with the automated lap changing and piecing system ROBOlap, the E 26 is key to the optimum exploitation of comber operation around the clock.
Leon Comber, Templer and the Road to Malayan Independence.
The tagged cholera cases drawn by Snow on the map of London can be converted in a data set of coordinates, that was already used by Le Comber et al.
Brunsdon and Comber explain how to use the R software and language as a tool for manipulating geographical information and for producing maps.
Boil baby comber potatoes in salted water until cooked.
An al Invalidation of a Global Warming Hypothesis by Comber et al.
The 18-month-old was hit on Comber Road in east Belfast on Saturday.
Emergency services went to the scene and diversions where in place at the junctions of the Comber Road and East Link Road, and the Comber Road and Gramsbridge Road.
The Comber Nutsche unit consists of a dished vessel with a perforated plate.
Now, study led by Steven Le Comber in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London, has shown that this method can use the locations of disease cases to identify the source of the disease.
They will appear with Vivienne's daughter and son Holly and Chris Comber in a cabaret evening next week.