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Antonyms for combed

(of hair) made tidy with a comb


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She combed, she brushed, she oiled, she perfumed the flowing locks and the long silky beard of Miserrimus Dexter with the strangest mixture of dullness and dexterity that I ever saw.
"I've raked and combed the sea," Captain Doane would then break out, "and the teeth of my comb are not so wide apart as to let slip through a four-thousand-foot peak."
In this case the presence of parasites embedded in the tines simply would reflect health conditions when the hair was combed. However, from a practical point of view, anyone who has tried to use a lice comb on unruly hair would know that this is impractical--hair that is tangled would tear necessitating the use of fingers, or more efficiently, a widely spaced comb first, and then secondarily a densely packed lice comb.
Up to 84 kg/h combed sliver is the actual production performance of the new Rieter.
When the Robi Comb's metal teeth touch lice, the lice get zapped, die and then get combed away, they say.