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Synonyms for combative

Synonyms for combative

Synonyms for combative

inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits

striving to overcome in argument

having or showing a ready disposition to fight

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Internally, the combative warfare stance is honoured as a show of strength.
have number of combative who has a new New "I asked the club to do what they could, which they did.
The combustible and combative titles speak feistily for themselves: 'Ibabaon Kita sa Lupa,' screamed one loud and livid title, to which another in-your-face actioner responded, 'Kahit Singko, Hindi Ko Babayaran Ang Buhay Mo!' What macho fun and gumption!
Hida Abdellah (Morocco): Orange jersey for best combative rider.
He returned to his combative stance on Wednesday - insisting anew that "both sides" were to blame.
These two studies, based on different and restrictive specifications of destruction, have completely opposite results concerning the relative levels of the combative input allocations between fighting and bargaining.
The Pumas lived dangerously early on against the combative Sea Eagles but a blistering four minutes in the first half proved decisive to seal a 45-16 victory in Leicester.
From the countryfied pedal steel sweetness of Entitlement, through the bamboozling cranky instrumental firepower of High Ball Stepper and the unexpected funk opener Three Women, he's as musically combative, inventive and commanding as ever.
'In twenty years of teaching, I've found the girls a lot more combative than the boys,' he said.
STEVEN GERRARD walk a disciplinary one more booking It didn't seem to affect him week against Tottenham, but become more of a problem combative West Ham today.
Unions threaten to respond with "mass and combative" mobilisation
Summary: Patna: A day after JD(U) snapped ties with NDA, a combative Nitish Kumar rejected BJP's ...
Remembered for his combative style, bearded Grealish was signed by Hawthorns boss Johnny Giles after leading Brighton and Hove Albion to the 1983 FA Cup Final.
Europe's combative hero reckons he is ready to blitz Augusta and win his first Major by transfering his aggressive matchplay tactics into a 72-hole onslaught.