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Synonyms for combat




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Synonyms for combat

to strive in opposition

a hostile encounter between opposing military forces

Synonyms for combat

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Meanwhile, the acting Chairman of the Administration for Combating Violent Extremism, Sinin Eissa, has pointed to the efforts of the Public Prosecution in combating violent extremism and establishment of specialized prosecutions for combating money laundry, human trafficking and legal wealth, besides the Informatics Prosecution.
Aoun considered that it is not possible to ensure unanimous political support for drug combating since certain politicians actually protect this trade.
Seven of 34 agencies that reported receiving funding related to combating terrorism activities to OMB used different methodologies to estimate the portion of their authorized funding that supports such activities.
Since this publication focuses on a more specialised theme, namely contemporary perspectives on combating crime in South Africa, it does not form part of the main series but is closely related to and supplements it.
And whether or not one supports the idea of a war against Iraq, the United States needs a military capable of combating terrorism, meeting its peacekeeping commitments, and fighting a major regional war all at the same time.
Calling the new law unique, Alain Noel in his paper, "A law against poverty: Quebec's new approach to combating poverty and social exclusion", says the law "constitutes a significant political innovation, if only because it makes poverty reduction an explicit and central policy priority".
22 (SUNA)- An agreement was signed Sunday between the Ministry of International Cooperation, the National Commission for Combating Terrorism and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the combating of the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism in Sudan.