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a city district known for its vice and high crime rate


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Under the California Combat Zone Extension (R&TC secs.
In my generation of soldiers, I was fortunate to spend a little more time in combat zones than most others, but obviously, <some others - not by design, merely by default.
However, if a service member is deployed to a combat zone, a power of attorney is not needed to sign the return on the deployed spouse s behalf.
Imagine how complicated and critical parking management was in a combat zone, where a quick reaction force needed to be able to respond to an attack or medical emergency.
* TAKE COVER: Protective bases in Butternab Woods for the combat games * COMBAT ZONE: Details on the website of the Huddersfield Team Death Match Airsofting and warnings on a tree in Butternab Woods
"Hazardous duty" cannot be assumed simply from the fact that the Soldier was serving in a designated combat zone or hostile fire area.
soldiers who serve in combat zones are at greater risk of PTSD and are more likely to receive psychological or emotional counseling than their counterparts serving outside the United States in non-combat zones.
The policy of declining to send letters of condolence to families of troops who committed suicide in combat zones was based on concerns that the recognition of such deaths might encourage more suicides.
A NORTHERN Ireland soldier has transformed a bloody battlefield in Afghanistan into a sports field.Sergeant Trevor McDow-ell, from East Belfast, turned a piece of farmland which was once a combat zone into a cricket pitch where locals regularly compete against each other.
With few exceptions, military personnel deploy to a combat zone as members of a unit or team, thereby ensuring that accountability remains intact.
As for prisoners at Bagram who were captured in Afghanistan, the appeals court was right to describe that country as a combat zone. But unlike a conventional war, in which the enemy wears uniforms and can be held until the end of hostilities, the war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda involves the possibility of mistaken identity.
Will the emergency rooms turn into karate combat zone if a few doctors and patients decide to exchange punches?
He travels to Afghanistan with his entourage by private aeroplane and has a sleepover in a combat zone.
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