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airplane pilot who fights in an action between two military forces

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'It is impossible to obliterate them,' said Acedillo, a former military combat pilot, referring to the NPA rebels.
Tadashi Nakashima, the young Sakai's wing commander, himself an experienced combat pilot, or Minoru Honda, Sakai's irrepressible wingman.
News of an AI beating a highly skilled combat pilot has caused ripples, not only across the artificial intelligence industry, but also the entire tech, social media community.
After service as a combat pilot, he returned to his home state, entered the family's lumber business and became active in Republican politics while the GOP was barely a blip in Arkansas.
The ethical cost to a nation and the emotional toll on individuals of America's new weaponry are explored in "Good Kill,'' a sobering 21st-century riposte to "Top Gun'' that stars Ethan Hawke as a former combat pilot reassigned to fly missions in Afghanistan from the safety of a trailer in the Nevada desert.
She even applied for training as combat pilot for Belgium Air Force but failed.
For four long years combat pilot Jack has maintained an edge because of his skills; but the field is about to change, leading him away from familiar tactics and into unknown territory.
She has carved a name for herself in the genre by starring as a combat pilot in Avatar, a daredevil racer in the Fast and the Furious franchise, and a fearless surfer in Blue Crush.
The group was also joined by Lee Ellis, a combat pilot who served in Vietnam and the author of Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons From the Hanoi Hilton.
She was the world's first female fighter pilot and the first Turkish female combat pilot, aged 23.
}); PNN Friday 19th October, Spokesperson ofGush Shalom, Adam Keller, said in a press release that Israeli peace activist Yonatan Shapira, who had been a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force and refused to take part in the bombing of Palestinian cities, has arrived on board the Swedish boat "Estelle" which is making her way towards the coast of Gaza.
Two Republican challengers to Larsen are currently on the 2012 ballot: Greg Anders, executive director of Bellinghams Heritage Flight Museum and a former Air Force combat pilot; and Dan Matthews, who has yet to report additional information, according to the Federal Election Commission.
Eshel is known for his considerable experience as a combat pilot, who fought during the aggression against Lebanon in 1982, served as Commander of Ramon Air Base and as a commander of Tel Nof Airbase.
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