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extra pay for soldiers engaged in active combat

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While combat pay is generally nontaxable, it is included in income for purposes of calculating the limits on contributions and deductions for an individual retirement account (IRA).
BEIRUT: Syria will hike combat pay for soldiers and officers serving in the 500 areas around the country where troops are confronting "terrorists," Prime Minister Wael Halqi said Monday, while also urging young men to report for mandatory military service.
Obama is also taking executive action on Tuesday to combat pay discrimination, signing a largely symbolic order that would prevent federal contractors from penalising employees who discuss their pay.
Reading the story written by Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services, it sounds as if Robert Ellman, the state's solicitor general, should receive combat pay.
(2) The HEART Act also created an election to include combat pay as earned income for the purposes of the Earned Income Credit, and changed the treatment of differential pay to be treated as wages.
The US military has carved out specialized roles for women in combat in the form of Female Engagement Teams (FETs) and has recognized women's roles in combat operations by providing combat pay to some of these women.
Read more: The worst airports for delays According to Ruben Gamero, the director of operations for African Express, combat pay is a common incentive for pilots.
FLEMING: Sure, some agents earned their combat pay this summer, but look at the other side of the coin.
Other issues become a bit more remote, including such mundane items as ensuring that paperwork is done accurately or that combat pay entitlements are stopped timely to preclude overpayments.
The member must also prove that the deployment was a result of the 2001 terrorist attacks, as indicated by individual deployment orders stating the purpose and period of duty, and a Leave and Earnings Statement reflecting hazardous duty pay, combat pay, or combat zone tax exclusion.
* Combat Pay Estimate, based on the funding for combat or Imminent Danger Pay that is reported in DOD's war cost reports and used in budget justification materials;
Saving some of the hard-earned combat pay allowed Palacio to return stateside with a much stronger financial foothold.
Procedures and application requirements for the benefits will remain the same, and states aren't required to change their program names to SNAP."During this transition, USDA is working closely with state agencies, retailers, community and faith-based organizations, and other partners to ensure successful and seamless implementation of the national name change and other components of the Farm Bill," said USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Nancy Montanez Johner.Among the other provisions of the Farm Bill are the exclusion of retirement and education savings accounts and combat pay when determining eligibility for SNAP.
(For military service members, combat pay, which is normally exempt from gross income, is treated as earned income, often resulting in larger credits.
I have been hanging out here in Iraq trying to figure out how to put my combat pay to good use, and I've decided that it's going to be a moose/caribou hunt.
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