combat intelligence

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intelligence that is required for the planning and conduct of tactical operations

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The FEAF was woefully lacking in competent Combat Intelligence Officers.
Ryamizard Ryacudu, chief of the army's Strategic Reserves Command (KOSTRAD), earlier announced that KOSTRAD has set up a professional military combat intelligence unit dubbed the Security Surveillance Battalion (Tontaikam).
Two of these efforts, which will now form part of the Combat Intelligence System, involve intelligence temminals, Sentinel Byte and Constant Source.
Britain has also been providing combat intelligence and target data to Saudi Arabia over the course of the war, which has killed thousands of Yemeni civilians and put millions more on the verge of famine.
Those same guidelines appeared in the Army's first (provisional) Combat Intelligence Manual, also printed in 1918.
Ayalon Peretz, the deputy commander of the Nitzan Battalion from the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps.
Smith entered the US Army Air Corps during the war and got himself into the army's Combat Intelligence School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, located in a former boys' school that the federal government had taken over.
As Navy aircraft carriers deploy at a faster-than-usual pace, in preparation for possible conflict in the Persian Gulf, technology developers back in Washington, D.C., are seeking ways to speed up the flow of combat intelligence to the cockpit of aviators flying off those carrier decks.
Experts from each type of participating aircraft and support system combine with joint-service representatives to form divisions of combat plans, EC integration, combat operations and combat intelligence. The Blue force staff plans and executes the air campaign, incorporates the considerable intelligence information available, coordinates specific asset objectives and finally integrates unique EC/C3I assets into a composite force.
The Combat Intelligence Training Course (CITC) began on January 7.
An MI Officers Reserve Corps (MIORC) was established from a group of World War I veterans associated with MI (1923) and a MIORC correspondence course was initiated to standardize combat intelligence training and conduct.
(11) REDTRAIN assigned RC intelligence personnel to tactical intelligence units and staffs to "sustain and improve the technical/analytical and foreign language skills required to carry out their combat intelligence missions successfully." (12)
Halfway through the course, students were introduced to combat intelligence topics, including map analysis, order of battle, intelligence sources, reporting, and interrogation.
Flash ranging, a part of acoustic intelligence (ACOUSINT), was one new intelligence discipline to emerge during World War I, along with aerial photography and radio intelligence, which became mainstays of combat intelligence. Flash ranging, however, phased out as radio signals and sophisticated acoustic sensors became more effective for direction-finding.
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