combat fatigue

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a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare

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Combat fatigue: All Saints circa 1998 I looked bad enough in All Saints-style combat pants in 1998 - there is really no need for us to go there again.
Minerals not only combat fatigue in the muscles and the bloodstream, they permeate the blood--brain barrier, where they act on various receptors linked to various manifestations, and deficiencies and excess have both been associated with fatigue and fibromyalgia.
Stephen CollinsonTo hear him tell it, no one is more tired of war than Barack Obama -- yet the US president is warning that combat fatigue must not get in the way of a new US military escapade in the Middle East.
The only reliable way to combat fatigue is with proper rest.
The leaders met at a crucial moment in the final chapter of a long, bloody war, and as Obama balances the future security of Afghanistan with US combat fatigue and a desire to spend America's dwindling resources at home.
Containing Spanish rosemary, peppermint and angelica, both the gel and mist are cooling, refreshing and combat fatigue bringing clarity and awareness, the statement said.
The ETSC also sees in proposals on the tachograph - the device that records the driving and resting time of professional drivers - a good way to combat fatigue behind the wheel.
In response to the problem, a group of Army psychiatrists in North Africa developed the theory of "combat fatigue," also known as "combat stress" or, simply, "exhaustion" If the "war neurosis" label implied a deep-seated pathology, combat fatigue suggested exactly the opposite.
Relaxing body creams and shower gels made with cedrus oil and wild indigo will help to combat fatigue. And if you're travelling further afield, it's good for jet lag.
Eating three meals a day and getting adequate rest is important in any plan to combat fatigue. A regular exercise routine which relies on moderate activity is also recommended.
Crews on ONE and operational tasking are now briefed by flight doctors about adjusting their sleep schedule and prescribed medication to combat fatigue. They established guidelines for a new squadron FOD prevention program where preflight FOD walks are accomplished before every sortie.
The union has also asked the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish "new, realistic scheduling and crew augmentation regulations to combat fatigue and maintain safety-based flight operations".
In previous conflicts, the symptoms were covered by such loosely descriptive terms as combat fatigue, shell shock and war neurosis.
Indeed, as author Wood listened to these tales, she must have experienced some combat fatigue herself.
Their alternatives to high fat, salty and sugary processed meals will help you combat fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression AND change your life and your relationship with food.
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