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a boot reaching halfway up to the knee

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In the current nine month period the Company shipped 383,000 pairs of combat boots compared to 178,000 pairs in the prior nine month period.
The ICB boot will replace the Army's present combat boot, which Wellco has manufactured for many years.
Read more about the Jungle Combat Boot at https://www.
The branch of the country's armed forces announced that it planned on outfitting select soldier brigades in a new Jungle Combat Boot starting in March.
Tender announced by DEFENSIE MATERIEEL ORGANISATIE,Netherlands for Contract notice: Framework agreement combat boot.
The BfR Combat Boot, designed to be used as standard military issue, features a patented technology, which helps protect the wearer against anti-personnel landmines.
Department of Defense's (DOD) award of a contract for the tan Infantry Combat Boot (ICB).
In the current period the Company shipped 142,000 pairs of the Infantry Combat Boot (ICB).
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -130 & Work No: Combat Boot
To the left hangs Larry Rivers' massive 1954 canvas depicting a butch, almost pugnacious-looking O'Hara, buck naked but for his leather combat boots.
McRae Industries manufactures and sells military combat boots in the US and also designs, imports and sells western and work boots.
In the game, the player fills the battle-ready combat boots of Frank Hayden, a special forces operative hand picked to track down and destroy the stolen "Red Mercury," a secret substance of unspeakable power that threatens the world with nuclear annihilation.
The company manufactures and sells military combat boots, western and work boots in the US.
I WAS tempted to believe that the story of former soldier Christopher Hossack suing the Army because they forced him to wear combat boots during runs was another April Fool joke.