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Synonyms for combat




  • support
  • accept
  • give up on
  • surrender to
  • make peace with
  • acquiesce with
  • declare a truce with

Synonyms for combat

to strive in opposition

a hostile encounter between opposing military forces

Synonyms for combat

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Solid, industry-standard analysis tools such as SWOT analysis and Porter's Five Forces analysis are used the detail the present condition in the Combat Boots market.
Many aging studies ask about participants' status as veterans, but don't unpack that further to look at differences between those who were exposed to combat and those who weren't.
The increase in female enrollment in combat units has come about both because of changes in society and a shortage of available personnel over reductions in the amount of required service time for men.
It's their favour sport religion even," a PCB official said while talking to The Dependent.PCB has decided to take up the case with the International Combat Council (ICC) in case the BCCI persists with not playing with Pakistan.
ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN represents the culmination of over 20 years of aerial combat game development expertise, resulting in the most visually impressive and action-packed ACE COMBAT game to date, said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
The debriefing aims to address possible cases of PTSD among troops, a sickness that is beyond superficial wounds common among soldiers, policemen and other law enforcers who have been to combat zones or some life threatening situations.
The magnitude of the association between combat exposure and PTSD was most striking.
To assess gaps between Existing and Model Combat medical support systems.
Jedi Saber Combat is a lightsaber performance group that brings the epic battles from the Star Wars universe down to Earth.
Additionally, since previous studies [5, 6] dealing with karate's combat analysis and physiological responses have been conducted during a simulated karate combat environment, research treating the possible difference between official and simulated karate combat in regards to both time-motion analysis and physiological responses seems to be needed.
The thought-provoking Summer 2013 issue of Parameters examines the integration of women in combat roles.
M-Pro 7, a provider of military-grade weapons maintenance products, has introduced a new care package program, Combat Care, for deployed U.S.
military's ban on female soldiers in combat, arguing the policy is unconstitutionally based on gender.
In the former case, our institutions would likely herald the crew's heroism with decorations, yet in the latter case, the same institutions would remind the crew that their efforts do not even qualify as "combat time." The urgent needs of combat led to the explosive growth of RPAs, but the people who meet those needs hear that they are not in combat.
In The Psychological costs of War: military combat and mental health (NBER Working Paper No.