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free-swimming stalkless crinoid with ten feathery arms

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The comatulid Himerometra robustipinna (Carpenter, 1881) is widely distributed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans (Clark and Rowe, 1971).
Evolutionary implications of predation on recent comatulid crinoids from the Great Barrier Reef.
Our study has demonstrated that the structure of the calyx and visceral mass in Himerometra robustipinna is similar to that of other comatulids (Heinzeller and Welsch, 1994).
The structure of the tegmen and septa of the aboral coelom is typical for comatulids (Holland, 1984; Heinzeller and Welsch, 1994).
This result is particularly interesting because the evolutionary success of the comatulid crinoids has been attributed to morphological changes that increased arm flexibility relative to the stalked crinoids (Meyer and Macurda, 1977).
Comatulid crinoids differentially distribute themselves on the basis of flow regime, with some species preferring exposed sites with relatively predictable flows and others preferring more sheltered areas, with unpredictable flow (Meyer, 1973a).
This constancy suggests that there is a functional advantage to maintaining the relationship between flexural and torsional stiffness across comatulid crinoid species, although the biological relevance of this constancy has yet to be determined.
Yet the stalks were about 3 times larger in diameter than the comatulid arms, suggesting that the values for the flexural stiffness of arms given here are overestimates of the true values.
Suspension feeding by Caribbean comatulid crinoids.