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Synonyms for comate

bearing a coma


of certain seeds (such as cotton) having a tuft or tufts of hair

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Social and medical scientists, and scholars of religion and language discuss such topics as life and immortality in Indian thought, socio-ethical issues in the existing paradigm of care for older people, and a new-Vedantic perspective on paternalistic decisions for the comate and dying aged.
Berry Plastics Corp have acquired Capsol SpA, headquartered in Comate d'Adda, near Milan, Italy and a related company, Ociesse SrL.
We acknowledge O.N Tiwari and his comates, director IBSD (Imphal) and DBT (Department of Biotechnology) for their kind help for giving me the opportunity to do that work there at IBSD (Imphal), we thank everybody who helped me during this trial and to my institute and referee for knowledge on this topic.
For example, Comates depicts a somber grouping of black-petaled sunflowers with white faces bearing largely bemused or unhappy expressions.