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a small column (or structure resembling a column) that is a part of a plant or animal

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sulcata Clio pyramidata Creseidae Rampal, 1973 Creseis clava Creseis virgula Hyalocylis striata Styliola subula Cuvierinidae van der Spoel, 1967 Cuvierina columnella * Limacinidae Gray, 1847 Limacina rangii f antarctica Limacina retroversa australis Limacina trochiformis Limacina lesueurii Pseudothecosomata Meisenheimer, 1905 Cymbulia sp.
columnella (Lymnaeidae); y dermatitis esquistosomicas, Chilina gibbosa y C.
columnella, Lymnaeidae- and dermatitis -Chilina gibbosa and C.