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Antonyms for columned

having or resembling columns

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This year I'm returning to Tuscany where one can admire the splendour of Florence in its marble columned doge retreats; next day be squeezed between the walls of Sienna and then be sipping wine on the cobbled streets of a village pegged out on the side of a hill.
Earlier yesterday, the battle for the presidency moved into the hallowed halls of the US Supreme court in Washington while outside the building's columned portico, thousands demonstrated their support for both candidates.
The spectacular columned living/dining room greets visitors with bayed windows and a blazing fire.
The Po already had burst its banks at points; authorities expected it to peak by today at the old trade town of Piacenza, home to columned Romanesque churches and a Botticelli.
A facade dressed to impress using fine details that begin with the full-length columned portico topped by a dentiled cornice.
The elegant columned entrance and the symmetrical window fenestration on this two-story design create fantastic curb appeal.
This eloquently designed great room, which is surrounded on three sides by a columned and covered porch, makes a great gift for any homeowner.
A modern building belonging to the Tec's successor stands in its place, alongside presentday survivor the Hugh Smiley Nursery building with its columned entrance way.
The set, comprising a large columned entrance, pathways, greenery and a fountain, has been constructed near the Leptis Magna Ruins within the park.
The 5,500 s/f property at 1 Fahys Road was built in 1843 and still has period details such as a columned front entrance and several fireplaces.
3 out of 16 shallow depth stations have single arched ceiling, other 13 are columned.
FILE: Tourists at the Columned Hall inside Luxor Temple CAIRO -- 16 February 2019: Under the patronage of the Tourism Ministry, the Egyptian Travel Agencies Association (ETAA) launches Thursday its training program for 2019.
This building's design is unusual for its high podium, columned facade, flat roof with curved sides, and a crenellated battlement composed of step-shaped merlons.
Those in what is now Gujarat state also served as subterranean Hindu temples that featured columned pavilions and elaborate stone carvings of deities.