columnar epithelial cell

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an epithelial cell that is shaped like a column

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Away from the typhlosole, the mucosa consists of tall cuboidal acidophilic columnar epithelial cells with long cilia (Fig.
where 1.1: Normal and compact arrangement of columnar epithelial cells (CEC) with distinct nucleus under light microscopy and presence of rounded gastric glands (G) separated by lamina propria (LP) (C x 1000), 1.2: Showing degenerated CEC (arrow), vacuolization (broken arrow), thin top plate (arrow head) and lesions in gastric gland (white arrow) under normal microscopy (AL x 400), 1.3: Compact CEC with distinct nucleus under light microscopy (AF x 1000), 1.4: SEM observation showing normal mucosal folds (MF) surrounded by oval or round shaped CEC and stubby microvilli (MV).
The LP lobes consist of a flat luminal surface lined by cuboidal to low columnar epithelial cells that form very little infoldings.
The simple columnar epithelial cells had large basal nuclei and poorly developed microvilli (Figure 1(a)) and were separated from the connective tissue by a thin continuous basal lamina (Figure 1(b)).
The dual cell layers (columnar epithelial cells and basal cells) are the key to recognize the ectopic pro- static tissue.
The basal layer consists of columnar epithelial cells with hyperchromatic nuclei arranged in palisades.
3.: Higher magnification x20: The lining is composed of columnar epithelial cells and focally surrounded by urothelial cells.
Incisional biopsy of the lesion was performed and histopathological section showed tumor comprising of nest and duct like structures lined by low columnar epithelial cells with benign looking nuclei.
The ductal lumina were surrounded by columnar epithelial cells and filled in some areas with eosinophilic material (Fig.
Windpipe lining This scanning electron micrograph image shows how the columnar epithelial cells (left) that line the trachea are supported by their basement membrane (right).
The thyroid follicles are lined with columnar epithelial cells with basally located round nuclei and relatively dense chromatin; the cytoplasm is granular and eosinophilic (figure 2).
The tumor was composed of tubulopapillary and cystic formations or nests of cuboidal to columnar epithelial cells that had variable nuclear polarity and cellular crowding, moderate anisokaryosis, and occasional mitotic figures.